Tech Support & Training

documentation, video sessions, and webinars

Vecto Technology offers full-service travel software support and training services. These services include our custom developed travel technology and our existing travel software application products.

Travel Technology Support & TrainingTravel Technology Support

Our travel technology support staff is an internal team, not outsourced. This means the support member you contact knows the travel application product because they helped develop it. The support staff is integrated into every aspect of the development process, from design to implementation, to guarantee the most informed support team possible.

We offer our technology support by both phone, and email / ticket submission. You can also request a support call at a specific time by using the email ticket submission.

Vecto Technology also offers accessible, comprehensive documentation on all developed travel application products. This documentation includes frequently asked questions, process work flows, and detailed explanations for all of the services we offer. All of our documentation is made readily available to all of our users.

Travel Technology Training

We also offer comprehensive training for products we release. We can provide documentation, video sessions, and webinars to prepare your business to use the product to its full potential.

We can also provide full training to a training department, to allow for internal training.

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