RezSaver FAQs

Travel Searching and Booking Answers

Travel Searching and Booking Application Frequently Asked Questions

What is RezSaver?
RezSaver is an online travel booking system that allows travel agents to search and book cruises, tours, hotels, and car rentals.

What sectors in the Travel industry does RezSaver support?
RezSaver currently supports cruises, tours, hotels, and car rentals.

As a travel agent, why would I need RezSaver?
RezSaver is a powerful travel search and booking system, and also includes integrated travel agent and client management system, as well as travel marketing and research tools.

How can I get RezSaver?
Contact Vecto Technology at 1-888-995-7385 or for details.

Does RezSaver support mobile technology?
Yes! Vecto Technology can assist with submission and approval of mobile application for both the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android).

Can this RezSaver application integrate with my current booking system?
As RezSaver is a booking system, it does not support integration with other booking systems. However, we do support imports of data from other booking systems, so all data can be used in RezSaver moving forward.

Can I have RezSaver customized so it has the look and feel of my agency?
Yes! RezSaver can be customized with the agency logo and themes that match the agency.

Can bookings done outside of my agency application be uploaded into RezSaver?
Yes! Travel booked outside of RezSaver can be imported directly into a RezSaver via the AgentPort tool.

Which operating system does RezSaver support?
All of them! RezSaver is browser-based, so the only things needed are a modern browser and an internet connection!

What do I need to get started?
Contact Vecto Technology at 1-888-995-7385 or for details.