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Travel Itinerary Software Frequently Asked Questions

What is Trip Summary?
Trip Summary is a dynamic online travel itinerary software for travel agencies. It allows a travel agent to send an itinerary to clients via PDF or website link. The travel itinerary can be highly customized, including background colors, imagery for the locations, and location maps.

As a travel agent, why would I need Trip Summary?
Our travel itinerary software, Trip Summary, allows the agent to send beautiful, comprehensive itineraries to their clients. Our itinerary software is easy to use, and provides an excellent product to deliver to clients.

How can I get Trip Summary?
Contact Vecto Technology at 1-888-995-7385 or for details.

Does Trip Summary allow posting to social media?
Yes! Our travel itinerary software has share features for Facebook and Twitter that allows clients to share their itineraries with their followers on social media.

Does Trip Summary support mobile technology?
Yes! An itinerary created with Trip Summary is mobile friendly. Itineraries can be viewed and interacted with on any mobile device, as Trip Summary is a mobile friendly travel itinerary software.

Can this Trip Summary application integrate with my current booking system?
Trip Summary currently integrates with Vecto Technology's RezSaver booking system. Itineraries can be added manually, and Trip Summary is also available for custom integration via our custom development team.

Can I have Trip Summary customized so it has the look and feel of my agency?
Yes! The integration process will include uploading your agency logo, and also allow your agents to customize their accounts with personal profile information.

Can bookings done outside of my agency application be uploaded into Trip Summary?
Yes! These bookings can be added manually, or emailed to for import! Remember, all emails sent to must be sent from the email account associated with Trip Summary.

Do I need to have a specific operating system to use Trip Summary?
Trip Summary is an online application that works inside any modern web browser. All you need is a web browser and an internet connection!

What do I need to get started?
Contact Vecto Technology at 1-888-995-7385 or for details.