RezSaver has a quick and easy-to-use basic search function that makes simple to start searching for the perfect cruise. But, what if an agent needs to be more specific? Rather than having to manually sift through the results to find what he or she needs, Vecto Technology has the answer.

Advanced Cruise Search is RezSaver's most powerful search tool. Use multiple options to find the exact sailing needed, without having to view any sailings that do not match the client's criteria.

Live updating itinerary count

RezSaver uses a unique live itinerary count to fetch the number of itineraries that match the current search parameters. As more criteria are added, the itinerary count updates automatically.

The live itinerary count helps narrow down the search parameters to exactly what an agent needs, without running the search over and over.

Include and exclude parameters to find the perfect cruise for your client

RezSaver's special use of the include and exclude criteria make for an extremely specific search when an agent needs it while still allowing for a more open search when needed. Agents can select include and exclude criteria for the following:

  • Cruise lines
  • Cruise ships
  • Departure Ports
  • Destinations
  • Ports of Call